Hands-Free Bottleless Water Coolers

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Try Our New Hands-Free Water Cooler System

Finding the right water cooler for your office just got easier! With our hands-free bottleless water coolers, your office can have access to pure, healthy drinking water without using your hands. You’ve come to expect the best in technology from Pure Water Technology of Gulf Coast, which is why we’re proud to announce our new hands-free foot pedal operation. Our new dispensing design attaches to your water cooler and limits human contact, preventing the spread of germs in your home or workplace. Couple this new feature with our UV light or Ozone in the tank sanitation process, and you’re left with clean water you can trust. We’ve made quenching your thirst with one of our water coolers beneficial from the inside out.

  • Stylish and unique foot pedal design won’t hinder walkways.
  • Integrates perfectly with any of our free-standing systems.
  • Stops the spread of germs between coworkers and family members.
  • Easy to use and hands-free.


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