Follett 7 and 15

follett 7

Follett 7
Best Countertop Ice & Water Dispenser

The Follett 7 series ice & water dispenser is our best countertop model. Designed to fit underneath standard height cabinets, this bottleless water cooler can produce up to 125lbs of Chewblet® ice and hold 7 pounds of ice overnight. The unique drainless design refreezes melt water from the storage hopper and capacitive touch dispensing means you never come in direct contact with the ice. This cooler also comes with an optional stand for ultimate placement flexibility.

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Follett 15

Follet 15
Sleek, Durable Water & Ice Cooler

The Follett 15 series ice & water dispenser is a durable and sleek dispenser that can produce up to 125lbs of Chewblet® ice and hold up to 15lbs of ice overnight. Capable of serving more than 75 people per day, this compact bottleless water cooler makes the perfect addition to any office or business breakroom. Follet 15 comes as either a countertop model or with a stand for easy access and less bending for refreshments. Capacitive touch controls also eliminate direct contact with ice, helping to prevent the spread of germs in the workplace.

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Description Follett 7 Specification Follett 15 Specification
Weight 74 lbs 100 lbs
Dimensions 14.62″ W x 22.12 D x 17.62″ H 14.62″ W x 23.5 D x 22.5″ H
Water Temperature 40 – 90ºF 40 – 90ºF
Ice Production 125 lbs 125 lbs
Ice Storage Capacity 7 lbs 15 lbs
Water Pressure 10 – 70 psi 10 – 70 psi
Energy Consumption 6.9 kWh per 100 lbs 6.9 kWh per 100 lbs


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